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Battlefield Hardline

Promotional artwork

Release Date: March 17, 2015
Developer: Visceral
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Battlefield
Platforms: PC
Playstation 4
Playstation 3
Xbox One
Xbox 360
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Battlefield Hardline is the latest game coming out for the Battlefield series, focusing on criminals and police warfare instead of pitting armies against each other.

As in previous games, player take on as one of four classes:

  • Operator is akin to the Assault/Medic class, wielding assault rifles and carbines, able to revive and heal other players, and for the first time in the series, revive him/herself under certain conditions.
  • Enforcer is a powerhouse class, wielding high-caliber battle rifles, heavy carbines, and shotguns, as well as dropping ammo for allies. A riot shield and C4 explosive is also unlocked by this class.
  • Mechanic class is the stand-in for the Engineer, using sub-machine guns and revolvers. Due to a lesser emphasis on vehicles, the Mechanic now gets more unique equipment like torso armor or the deployable spawn point, though still retains a 40mm grenade launcher and repair tool
  • Professional class is the Recon/Sniper of this game, unlocking both bolt action and high caliber semi-automatic weapons. Gadgets available to this class include the trip mine and a surveillance camera.

All of the classes are capable of equipping a zip-line crossbow, grappling hook launcher, gas mask, or a driving upgrade in place of either or both of their unique gadgets

Rocket launchers and light machine guns are not available to any class, but can be found in locations on the map, or stored in the trunk of a car if the proper upgrade has been purchased for it

As in many prior Battlefield games, most weapons are exclusive to one side when purchased, such as the Saiga .308 being only usable by the criminals, or the SCAR-H only being usable by the police. However, obtaining 1250 kills with a specific weapon allows players to purchase a Weapon License, letting them use it regardless of their team.

The following weapons are seen in the video game Battlefield Hardline:


Unlike previous games in the series, pistols are now class-specific, sorted in different categories. The Operator kit uses the lower-caliber semi-automatics, such as the 92FS and Glock 17. The Mechanic uses revolvers, including the Judge. The Enforcer kit uses heavier pistols such as the M1911 and Desert Eagle, and the Professional uses machine pistols such as the Glock 18 and MAC-10

Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS makes an appearance as the "92FS", and is the starting weapon of the Operator for both factions, and by default comes with improved ironsights. In single-player it is also a default weapon for Nick Mendoza.

Beretta 92FS "93R"

The Beretta 92FS "93R" was originally one of the "hidden guns", it's the same "93R" from Battlefield 3 which, of course, is a normal 92FS made to resemble the 93R. Unlike Battlefield 4's model, it has the extended magazine and ported barrel as it had in Battlefield 3. It is the only burst-fire machine pistol and is exclusive to Law Enforcement Professional Class.


The CZ-75 SP-01 SHADOW appears simply as the 'CZ-75' and can be purchased for the Criminal Operator. It has a larger magazine than the 92FS and P226, and is quite accurate. Unlike Battlefield 4's version, it appears to be a 9x19mm model rather than .40 S&W.

FN Five-seveN

Originally cut from release, the FN Five-seveN appears as the "FN57" in an update released alongside the Robbery DLC. It is an all-class sidearm, and it holds 20+1 rounds.

Glock 17

The Glock 17 makes a return from Battlefield 3 with a new model as the "G17", unlocked for both teams by completing the Operator Assignment 2. It has the highest magazine capacity in its class, just ahead of the CZ-75, and has a much higher firecap than the other semi-automatic handguns. A variant outfitted as a racegun is available in the Getaway DLC as the "G17 Race"; this one is an all-kit weapon and fitted with a red dot sight and a compensator.

Glock 18

The Glock 18 appears as the default sidearm for the Professional class, being incorrectly named the 'G18C'. Its model is ported from Battlefield 4's Glock 18, which had the same slide serrations as a semi-automatic model rather than the unique ones for the 18's fire selector. It comes with a Laser Sight by default. Incidentally, it shares its Battlelog render with the Glock 17

Heckler & Koch HK45C

Heckler & Koch HK45C with threaded barrel is the default sidearm of the Enforcer kit on both teams. During the June 2014 beta, it was called "HK45C", but was renamed to "45T" by the February 2015 beta. By default it comes with a Mini Reflex sight. It is also used by several characters throughout the story.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX appears once again from Battlefield 4 although this time it is called the "Bald Eagle". Unlike in Battlefield 4, this Desert Eagle has a chrome finish as opposed to blued and is now chambered in .50 Action Express instead of .44 Magnum. It can be unlocked for both teams' Enforcer class by completing the Enforcer Assignment 2. A gold-plated version is also used by the VIP in the Crosshair game mode.

SIG-Sauer P226R

The SIG-Sauer P226R in .40 S&W appears as the 'P226' and is available for purchase by Law Enforcement Operators. It has a lower magazine size than any of the Operator's other sidearms.

Smith & Wesson M&P40 Pro

The Smith & Wesson M&P40 Pro appears as the '.40 Pro', and is a pistol for the Enforcer class. It can be differentiated from the standard M&P40 by the 5 inch barrel. Oddly for a pistol originally created for Military and Law Enforcement, it is only available for the Criminal team. It has slightly lower power than the other Enforcer handguns, but has a much higher capacity, acting sort of like the Operator's sidearms

Smith & Wesson Model 327 R8

The Smith & Wesson Model 327 R8 makes its video game debut in this entry of the Battlefield series, where it can be purchased for the Law Enforcement Mechanic class. It has a higher capacity than any of the other revolvers, holding 8 rounds in the cylinder. It appears under the name ".357 RS"

Smith & Wesson Model 642

The Smith & Wesson Model 642 revolver is the default sidearm for the Mechanic on both teams; called the ".38 Snub". It initially had an incorrect 6-round capacity during the June 2014 beta. This has since been rectified to 5 rounds as of the February 2015 beta. It has a laser sight equipped by default, which is the only attachment it can use.

Taurus 4510PLYFS

The Taurus 4510PLYFS snub nose version of the Taurus Judge appears as the ".410 Jury". It is unlocked for both teams by completing Mechanic Assignment 2

Taurus Model 44

The Taurus Model 44 returns from both prior Battlefield games, again named the '.44 Magnum.' It can be purchased for the Criminal Mechanic

Vickers Tactical Custom 1911

The Vickers Tactical 1911 comes back from Battlefield 4, somewhat incorrectly called "M1911A1". It can be purchased for the Law Enforcement Enforcer class. Although it is the same model reused from Battlefield 4, tritium inserts have been added and the slight misalignment of the sights has been fixed.

Submachine Guns

Beretta M12S

The Beretta M12S is available in the Getaway DLC for the Law Enforcement Mechanic. As with the Carl Gustav M/45, the bolt is pulled back at the start of an empty reload.

Beretta Mx4 Storm

The Beretta Mx4 Storm is available in the Betrayal DLC.

Brügger & Thomet MP9

The Brügger & Thomet MP9 is available in the Betrayal DLC as a sidearm for Law Enforcement snipers.

Carl Gustav M/45

The Carl Gustav M/45 appears simply as the 'M/45' and can be purchased for the Law Enforcement Mechanic. It is correctly depicted as being open-bolt and lacking a fire selector, unable to chamber an extra round and limited to automatic fire. In prior betas it was a Criminal-exclusive weapon, though for balance reasons was shifted to the Law Enforcement team. It holds 36 rounds with no extra in the chamber and unlike other open-bolt weapons in the game, the bolt is pulled back at the start of an empty reload rather than the end.

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1

The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 appears as the "Scorpion" in the Robbery DLC. Despite the underbarrel rail, it cannot mount a foregrip, a trait shared with SIG MPX in-game.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Stock 92FS in the loadout menu.
92FS iron sights.
Holding the 92FS.
A sneaky SWAT operator with a kitted-out 92FS.
The suppressor blocks out the default iron sights, though.
Firing the Beretta.
A frame of the mid-reload animation. Note the Inforce APL weapon light.
Dropping out an empty magazine.
Powerstroking the 92FS's slide.
Beretta 92FS rendered with extended barrel and magazine to resemble the Beretta 93R - 9x19mm
Beretta 92FS as the "M93R" in the loadout menu
CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW - 9x19mm
Iron sights
Racking the Shadow's slide from empty.
Mid-magazine reload.
FN Five-seveN ODG (Olive Drab Green) - FN 5.7×28mm
Iron sights
Aiming a Five-seveN with "Improved Iron Sights."
Releasing a used magazine.
Mashing in a fresh one.
The FN57, empty.
Glock 17 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Iron sights
"G17 RACE" variant
Firing the "G17 RACE"
Khai holds up drug kingpin Neil Roark on his own webcam with a Glock 17.
Glock 18C (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm. This model has compensator cuts on the slide and barrel to reduce muzzle climb while firing
Heckler & Koch HK45C - .45 ACP
Actual Heckler & Koch HK45CT for comparison - .45 ACP. Note the different sights.
Stock HK45C in the loadout menu.
HK45C iron sights.
Player holding the HK45C
Nick performs an ammo check after acquiring a HK45C in the silo in the "Sovereign Land" episode. Note the "PO 45" trademark on the grip.
Aiming a HK45C with a rather large Silencerco Osprey .45 suppressor.
Firing the HK45. Which would be rather hard to do without the firing pin.
The Osprey is almost as big as the gun itself.
Inserting a fresh magazine.
Releasing the slide on an empty reload.
IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX with brushed chrome finish - .50 AE
Desert Eagle in the outfitting menu
Desert Eagle in-game
"Uh oh, where did it go?!?"
"Ta-da!" One of the new unique reloads has the player perform some slight of hand magic to reload the Desert Eagle. Chances of encountering this rare reload are 1 in 10,000
The "Bald Eagle" in idle.
Illuminated ironsights.
The far more boring normal Desert Eagle reload.
This one's been customized to resemble the two-tone Desert Eagle from Modern Warfare 2.
The empty reload.
Chambering a .50AE round.
SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm
The SIG P226 in idle.
Reloading from empty.
Aiming the 226.
The mid-magazine reload.
Powerstroking the slide.
Smith & Wesson M&P40 Pro - .40 S&W
M&P40 Pro in the selection menu
The S&W M&P40 Pro on the gun range.
Iron sights.
The upgraded M&P sights.
Reloading the M&P40 Pro.
About to release the pistol's slide.
Smith & Wesson 327 R8 - .357 Magnum
S&W Model 327 R8 as the "RS357" in the loadout menu
Iron sights
The Improved Iron Sights attachment brings the sight picture a lot closer, for some reason.
Ratcheting the cylinder shut.
Smith & Wesson Model 642 Airweight - .38 Special
Model 642 in the loadout menu.
Model 642's iron sights.
Player holding the Model 642
Ejecting the 642's cylinder.
About to cowboy the Smith & Wesson's cylinder shut. Don't try this at home, kids.
Taurus 4510PLYFS-SS2 - .45 Long Colt/.410 Bore
Iron sights
The illuminated sights on the 4510PLYFS.
Hitting the ejection rod.
Snapping the cylinder shut in a rather flamboyant manner; it seems to have gone a little bit too far through the frame, however!
Taurus Model 44 - .44 Magnum
Iron sights
The upgraded sights on the Taurus 44.
Closing the cylinder, apparently it was loaded with intangible ammunition.
Tony Alpert brandishes a Taurus Model 44 in his desert compound; his minutemen goons wield unique ACE 21's fitted with stocks, never seen elsewhere in the game.
Custom-built Vickers Tactical 1911 for Medal of Honor: Warfighter fitted with a Surefire X300 light - .45 ACP
Vickers Tactical 1911 as the "M1911" in the loadout menu
Iron sights.
Dropping an empty magazine.
Pulling the slide.
The upgraded sights of the Vickers 1911, with a red front post.
Ejecting a partially-full mag from the 1911.
Beretta PM12S - 9x19mm
The Beretta M12S in idle.
Iron sights.
Pulling the bolt back.
Beretta Mx4 Storm - 9x19mm
Iron sights.
Dropping out a magazine from the Mx4.
Sliding in a new one.
Charging the Mx4.
The menu entry of the Mx4 shows it with the heavy barrel, akin to the civilian Cx4.
Brügger & Thomet MP9 - 9x19mm
The MP9 in idle.
Iron sights of the MP9.
A dusty MP9 with a Trijicon RMR sight.
Thumbing the MP9's bolt release.
Carl Gustav M/45 - 9x19mm‎
The M/45 in idle.
Aiming; note the sights are misaligned.
The misalignment is still present when attaching optics as seen on this Aimpoint Micro T-1.
Pulling the bolt back when reloading from empty.
Inserting a fresh magazine.

Battlefield Hardline Update Today Adds Blackout DLC & New Features, Improves Spectator Mode

Released earlier today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, the latest Battlefield Hardline update adds the Blackout DLC for free, makes improvements to Spectator Mode, fixes issues, and more.

With EA noting that the Blackout DLC and update are provided in a single file download on your platform, and aren’t separate downloads, here’s the full list of patch notes for today’s update, which apply to all platforms unless otherwise noted:

Two New Maps

New Gadget

New Weapons for All Classes/Factions

  • RO933
  • M110K5
  • New Assignments and Patches:
  • RO933 Assignment and patch
  • M110K5 Assignment and patch
  • Rekt patch*
  • Salty patch *
  • (Patch is given to all BFH players. It will be listed in Battlelog and in-game as available to Premium members and “unlocked in Premium Battlepacks”. This is an error, and the description will be fixed with the release of the Getaway expansion pack.)

Spectator Mode Improvements

  • Team Names and Emblems appear as banner for each team
  • Objective icons now appear in Spectator Squad List
  • Color Picker option allows Spectator to specify each team’s color
  • Full map view option available to Spectator
  • (PC) Mouse control added to some Spectator screens
  • (PS4, X1, PS3, X360) Controller button overload fixed

Other New Features

  • New music tracks added to MP radio playlist
  • New camos added to Premium Calendar and Battlepacks
  • Squad Join is now functional when joining games via Server Browser
  • Improvements to the in-game store to feature new/unpurchased content
  • Chomp, chomp…


  • Fixed issue of Squad Heist score not appearing on Battlelog
  • Fixed issue whereby a player’s loadout would sometimes reset between matches
  • (X1) General stability improvements to online play


  • Fixed issue whereby SPM and Mode time For Bounty Hunter and Squad Heist reset after becoming Legendary
  • Fixed issue whereby Battlepack fanfare appeared incorrectly after becoming Legendary
  • Objective Boost now properly applies to Bounty Hunter and Squad Heist objectives


  • Fixed issue whereby players were able to climb on top of skybox above mall in Black Friday
  • Fixed issue whereby players were able to climb out of playable boundaries using grappling hook in Museum


  • Fixed issue whereby weapon license for F2000 could be purchased before meeting requirements
  • Fixed issue with inconsistent range on the M82 .416 scope
  • Fixed issue whereby a player could fire with the SAIGA 12 while reloading
  • FLIR effect is no longer blocked by smoke while standing inside smoke
  • FN7 camos are now correctly locked
  • Default handgun, revolver and automatic pistol now properly track towards their respective kill assignments
  • RO933 bullet changed to 24 start damage and 16 end damage
  • Scout elite slowed bolt cycle rate
  • HK51k Increased ROF on burst fire
  • .40 cal pistol bullet for P226 and .40 Pro start damage at 34 end damage at 25
  • .45T and 1911 increased end damage to 28
  • Changed the DMR fly by sound
  • Increased accuracy of L85A2 while moving
  • Changed HCAR bullet to long range battle rifle
  • All BR’s have 700M shot speed, All 7.62X39 AR’s have 450, and all 5.56X45 and 5.54X39 have 500. This will give a more consistent bullet drop for AR’s and BR’s per caliber


  • Fixed issue whereby players could take fire damage inside a vehicle with the FR Mask equipped

Super Features

  • Players will now be able to become Legendary if they are Premium subscribers OR have purchased the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery expansion pack
  • Updated text on Become Legendary screen to match

User Interface

  • Fix for missing environment from the map/mini map/deploy screen on Growhouse


  • Various stability fixes made for game crashes as identified by Bug Sentry
  • (PS3, X360) Fixed a crash when changing settings in the Customization menu

Battlefield Hardline still has two expansion packs in the works, with Getaway pushed back to early 2016 and Betrayal pushed to spring 2016.

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