Consumer Society Ielts Essay

A few days ago, I looked at the question in this lesson with my students here in Manchester. The phrase 'consumer society' is a negative one because it suggests that our lives revolve around money and possessions.

Here's part of an essay that my students helped me to write:

It is true that many people criticize modern society because it seems to be too materialistic. I agree with this to some extent, but I do not think it is the case that everyone is a victim of consumer culture.

On the one hand, many people do seem to focus too much on money and possessions. Wherever we go, we are bombarded with advertising to sell us products and services, many of which we do not need. For example, people may be persuaded to purchase the latest model of iPhone, when their old phone is still perfectly functional. This could be seen as a demonstration that we are obsessive consumers; we buy things based on fashion and branding, and shopping has become a hobby or even an addiction.

Which phrases in the paragraphs would you highlight as 'band 7-9 vocabulary'?

Consumerism grants people a taste of the good life. Obviously, it is also engaged with material possession, earning money and social status in the society. However, some people believe that consumer culture might bring vital role in order to improving lives. Although this is true, in my opinion good life could not potentially affect by consumer culture.

Firstly, Consumerism has several positives which are engaged with happy life. Moreover, happy life which is marked as acquire prestigious items or money may force people to work hard for increase their earnings. Thereby, creativity and innovation are flooding in their head as a motivational drive to earn more money. For example, the owner of online shop who really wants to buy iPhone uses several innovations in order to raise her sale. Secondly, the power of consumerism also affects trading among countries and then consecutively increases national domestic income. For example, demanding of Japan vehicles might rise export and also encourages the economics condition. Furthermore, those explanations above mentioned that consumerism is stance for live improving.

On the contrary, good living is not always linear with consumerism. Some people are willing to be selfish and unaware with surrounds. They may guide their behaviour to satisfy pleasure with unlimited. This act makes them as victim of their act; certain it is followed by unhappiness feeling. For instance, chronic shopaholics never feel satisfied of their buying although they already shop for doubled even tripled in a month. Moreover, highly concerned about self needed might causes people less care of the environment condition. They do not aware and think to spend their money for charity or donation for humanity probably.

Finally, the impact, good and bad, of consumer society might probably coin as human choice for their live improving. I believe that every person already take highly consideration before dive into consumer culture.

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