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UNIT 8 ASSIGNMENT 2 Problem The candidate could be taking steroids. The fact that this information is out there means that it could be a rumor, or it could be a fact. There is some reason as to why steroids are associated to this candidate, but the reason is uncertain. Other individuals seem to want to brush this fact over due to the positive response they expect to get from consumers if they signed this particular candidate. It is as if the other colleagues want to look over this horrible fact that could hurt the image of the company in the end. The business relationship could be at risk if they do not sign this athlete, but Amalia is considering how signing the candidate could potentially ruin the image of the company and its products if this is something that could be found out to be true of the candidate. The simple answer would be for a drug test to be administered, but the athlete refuses, making the accusations even more believable. Questions There are many questions that come to mind after hearing the recording. First, as the boss, I would want more information on the accusations against this athlete in regards to steroids. Where did this accusation come from? If it was competition, it could be a lie. If it was someone who has no motive to speak ill of this athlete, it may be more of an issue. What is the reasoning behind the athlete refusing a drug test? If he had nothing to hide, there should not be a problem, right? What is so great about this athlete aside from his following? There are too many professional athletes in this world to sign one we are unsure of. There are also plenty of athletes that would agree to take a drug test were they asked. Is there any other details that Amalia has that might help me come to a clearer understanding so that I can make a good judgement call? I would also want to know who was involved in the idea to look over this type of information about a potential candidate the company would be using to increase their business.

PS440 | Abnormal Psychology Patient’s Name Shonda Disorder Name Schizophrenia List of diagnostic criteria that the patient meets (based on the DSM-5) Schizophrenia is a “psychotic disorder characterized by a broad spectrum of cognitive and emotional dysfunctions, including delusions (irrational beliefs), hallucinations (sensory experiences in the absence of external events), disorganized speech, behavior and inappropriate emotions.” (Durand & Barlow, p. 472, 2010). The individual, Shonda, for this case study, meets the criteria for the diagnosis. She hears voices; her speech pattern is disjointed and difficult to understand. She has delusions and hallucinations and is convinced that she is under surveillance by the FBI and CIA. According to the DSM-5 schizophrenia is characterized by all the symptoms previously listed along with other symptoms that cause social or occupational dysfunction. (APA, n.d.). For a diagnosis, symptoms must have been present for six months and include at least one month of active symptoms. (APA, n.d.). The DSM-5 raised the symptom threshold and now requires an individual to exhibit at least two of the specified symptoms. In previous editions of the manual only one symptom was required for a diagnosis. (APA, n.d.). Part 2: Psychological Approach Select a psychological theory from the course textbook (chose either a cognitive or behavioral theory. Refer to the textbook or an academic source to explain the theory. Next, apply the theory by explaining how the individual’s mental disorder may have developed according to the theory. (Approximately 225 words) According to the cognitive theory, the cognitive hindrances demonstrated by individuals with schizophrenia (e.g. poor attentional control; language deficits; disorganized thinking) play an imperative part in the development and maintenance of schizophrenia. (Eysenck, 2009). Schizophrenia may be due to a deficiency in selective attention and thus the symptoms depend to some degree on the poor ability of an individual with schizophrenia to concentrate. (Eysenck, 2009). Research suggests that schizophrenic symptoms may be because of an absence of self-2

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