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On board the Shadow Broker Base, at the Video Archives terminal, the player can review archived video clips of people all around the galaxy that the Shadow Broker has been observing.[1] Clips include:

  • Aria T'Loak:
  • Emily Wong:
    • In the Dark Star Lounge, dancing with a female human and an asari.
    • Interviewing a hanar while two hovercars are burning behind her.
    • Sitting at a table and speaking with two turians in the Palaven business which is next to the Dark Star Lounge at the Level 28 of the Zakera Ward.
  • Donnel Udina:
    • Angrily pushing a C-Sec agent on the Citadel.
    • Boarding an aircar.
    • Observing an asari dancer in the Afterlife club on Omega.
  • Captain Armando Bailey:
    • Sitting and looking out a window on the Citadel. There are also some bottles or flasks next to him.
    • Talking with two subordinates.
    • Walking out of the Zakera Cafe with a female C-Sec officer, holding a gun in his right hand.
  • David Anderson:
    • Meeting with an unnamed Cerberus agent on the Citadel Presidium.
    • In a shootout with a krogan and a quarian.
    • Punching Udina in the stomach.
  • Captain Preitor Gavorn:
    • Killing two vorcha on Omega.
    • Running away, pursued by a hail of gunfire on Omega.
    • Sitting on a bed as a human male approaches.
  • Khalisah al-Jilani:
    • Punched by a krogan interviewee.
    • Kicked by a volus interviewee.
    • Embracing and kissing an asari on the Citadel.
  • Matriarch Aethyta:
    • Looking at a photo (which also may be a video footage because the image moves) of Liara.
    • Attacking a volus with biotics.
    • Headbutting a krogan in front of spectators.
  • Jacob Taylor:
  • Elias Kelham:
    • Running over a turian in his hover car on Omega.
    • Giving a datapad to Captain Armando Bailey.
    • Wiping his hands as an unconscious turian is dragged away.
  • Miranda Lawson:
  • Legion:
  • Garrus Vakarian:
    • Attacking an Eclipse merc and another person with his squad. While the Info Drone says that Garrus is on Omega, the place looks like the warehouse on the Citadel.
  • Keeper #20:
    • Walking past a dead Blood Pack krogan.
    • Working in Zakera Ward, finding and disposing of the surveillance camera observing it.
    • Trapped in an access shaft.
  • Jack:
  • Thane Krios
    • On Kahje, discreetly killing a Blue Suns mercenary. He then twists around and shoots the camera.
  • Fred Mazzei
    • Speaking in front of a mirror in a restroom.
    • Speaking to a hanar in the Presidium.
    • He and a salarian are walking toward an aircar. Suddenly, the turian driver opens the door, shoots the salarian, and flies off. A C-Sec officer then appears on-screen firing at the car.
  • Urdnot Torsk
  • Grunt
  • Samara
    • Pursuing a female Blue Suns mercenary, using biotics to ensnare the merc's getaway hovercar.

Assignments are the side missions of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. There is a large variety of assignments to complete; this page is a list of them. Click on a specific assignment in the list to read its detailed walkthrough. For a list of missions broken up by cluster and system, see the Mass Effect System Guide.

See also: Mass Effect Guide, Mass Effect 2 Guide, Missions, Storyline

Some assignments are listed more than once; this is intentional and is intended to make them simpler to find by listing them in all relevant contexts as they appear in the Journal.

For an alphabetical list of assignments, see Category:Assignments; for locations, see Category:Assignment Locations.

Mass Effect Edit

Please Note: The assignment names as given here are intended to match those in the game; sometimes the game itself is inconsistent, in which case all of the variations are listed here (e.g.Asari Diplomacy, Missing Person).

Character-Specific Assignments Edit

Shepard's Background Edit

These quests relate to Shepard's pre-service history.

Squad Member Assignments Edit

These assignments relate to the histories of your fellow crewmates.

Citadel Assignments Edit

General Edit

These assignments are available during your first and all future visits to the Citadel.

Second Visit Edit

These assignments are available after completing one of the major missions (Noveria, Feros or rescuing Liara).

Detainee Visit Edit

These assignments are only available during your detention at the Citadel.

Charted Planet Assignments Edit

These assignments are specific to their relative planet.

Feros Edit

Noveria Edit

Virmire Edit

Galaxy-Wide Assignments Edit

These assignments span the entirety of Citadel-controlled space. Assignments prefixed with the UNC indicator represent assignments that take place on uncharted planets.

Galaxy Collection Assignments Edit

These assignments involve traveling across Citadel space and finding numerous hidden collectibles.

Uncharted Space Assignments Edit

Morality-dependent Assignments Edit

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Bring Down the Sky Edit

Pinnacle Station Edit

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Normandy Edit

Omega Edit

Citadel Edit

N7 Edit

Illium Edit

Tuchanka Edit

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Project Firewalker Edit

Project Overlord Edit

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