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Frontier Families,

I am more excited than ever to start the school year. Frontier has many reasons to celebrate, with tremendous success last year in academics, athletics, music, and even in student discipline data! Students and staff worked hard to have a great year last year and we expect even greater success this year. Take a look at the News Link titled "FMS Student Data Celebrations" to see how we ranked 1st or 2nd in the district in almost every testing category! We are setting our sights this year on beating the State in all tested areas, while also continuing our positive experiences in extracurricular activities as well. Students at Frontier will have a well rounded and positive middle school experience, for sure! Every student will learn and grown as our staff seeks to guide, inspire, and instruct students to meet our high standards for success! Parents--please partner with us to help your son or daughter to have the best year of learning and growth that they have ever had!



Mark Barnes

Principal, Frontier Middle School


Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 school year!  Our faculty and staff are thrilled and motivated to make this school year a huge success.  It is our goal to provide the students of FMS with the emotional, social, and academic support and skills that they need now and in the future.  We are excited to announce a 1:1 IPAD initiative for all of our 8th Graders.  This is an excellent opportunity for them to use the latest technology to delve into applications geared towards Math and Science.  As always, we at FMS are committed to the success of all our students.  It is with your assistance and support that we hope to make this year a great year! 

As you make your way through the FMS website, please take note of the different services, resources, and opportunities that are available to you and your children.  The website is a wonderful place to keep current and up to date on the many important activities and events throughout the year.  However, as easy and convenient as the website may be, we strongly encourage and invite you to come visit us in person.   We look forward to serving everyone who is a member of the FMS community to the best of our ability.  If there is anything that you would like to discuss in person please feel free to contact me at or by calling 732.596.4092.  




Doug Sealander


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