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The vacation I dream of is a sunny beach with waves and a surfing paradise which I hope one day comes true.

One year in the near future I hope that on a cold December night I will be in an airport boarding EZ-Life Airlines which will fly me from Vancouver to Hawaii, non-stop. Can you imagine 11 hours on EZ-Life Airlines with a CD walkman and waiters? After landing in Hawaii I would then take a limo to the luxurious Beachwood Hotel just ten minutes from the fabulous beach of Hawaii. After getting a butler to carry all of my stuff up and after I have found my bathing suit and surfboard, I would roller blade down to the beach and hang ten. After surfing I would tan with no disturbances and lay sleeping for a few hours. After that it would be around mid-afternoon and I would then take my $2,000 spending money and go shopping which I love to do - especially when I am shopping for myself. After I would just totally relax and enjoy my time away from everything.

After one week of paradise I would board EZ-Life Airlines and fly back to Vancouver and home just in time for Christmas and that would be the perfect vacation for me. To me this would be wonderful except for one thing. If I ever have the chance to make this come true you know I would waste no time in inviting my favorite people in the world to enjoy beautiful Hawaii where life is really EZ!

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Nickname: Dominique
Age: 12

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