Research Paper Topics For European History

A selection of 15 great topics to explore in a European history research paper

Most of us desire to get to the college but once we get there, things may seem so overwhelming. You need maximum concentration, copy all the notes, do the assignments and pass all the exams. Once you are in your final year, you will be required to complete a research paper that meets the lecturer’s standards. This is something that is a requisite before one can complete the course. This seems difficult to some students but the truth is that, if you practice, everything becomes so easy. All you need to do is to make research habitual.

Before you can commence your writing, you need a fresh topic that can attract the reader’s attention. This is not something easy to achieve. If you are a rookie, you have to pull up your socks and maintain high standards throughout the writing process.

What topic should you choose?

Choosing a great topic is something that many people find it challenging and therefore, they end up composing poor quality content. If you do not know what to craft about, then you cannot achieve your target. Ask any expert writer and they will clearly let you know the truth: A top notch research paper topic needs to contain the following features:

  • It should be an unparalleled and a fresh topic: What it means by a fresh topic on European history is that, it has to be something that no one has crafted about before. Some topics are clichés and if you opt to select them, no one will ever be attracted to your work. This therefore means that, you have to conduct some in-depth exploration before you can choose on a given topic.
  • Precise: A good topic needs to directly point out what the writer wants to talk about. Every aspect should be very clear and nothing should be hidden. Therefore, you need to avert from unnecessary repetition and use simple terms that can easily be comprehended.

One great subject that has not been explored by multiple writers is European history. This is therefore a subject you can choose to craft your topic. Below are 15 great research paper topics about European history to explore:

  1. What reasons let to the abolishment of slavery?
  2. What is the value of the ancient accomplishments in the ancient European history?
  3. What are the adverse effects of the Second World War on the economic development of European countries?
  4. What were the contributions of the Soviet Union towards the unity of the European countries?
  5. What are the major differences between the ancient systems of ruling from the modern ones in European history?
  6. What was the major cause of the Europeans starting slavery in their colonial territories?
  7. In comparison to the present system, what was the women’s position in power in the ancient Europe?
  8. What were the major hindrances in the ancient foreign policy of Russia?
  9. What were the factors that led to the Second World War and how did it affect European nations?
  10. Did the countries that participated in the Soviet Union achieve their goals?
  11. How did the Venetian history affect the present Europe?
  12. Did women have any position in the history of Germany?
  13. What led to the rise of African resistance to the colonial rule?
  14. Are there any variations between the European ruling policy and that of America?
  15. What led to the rise of the European liberalism?

Selection Of 18 Research Paper Topics About European History

History students are some of the luckiest students in the entire universe. The main reason for this is because they often are able to study things that have been in the public domain for so long. Therefore there is not much that you have to struggle with when you are looking for relevant information on how to make your paper a good one. For your research paper, it is also very easy to come across relevant topics that you can use, which will therefore help you have good discussion points to present for your work.

The following is a selection of some of the best research paper topics that you can use when you are writing about European history:

  1. Discuss the role that women played in European history
  2. Explain the Diaghilev rite of spring and its importance to European history
  3. Explain how capitalism was formed with inference to European history
  4. Discus the important role that geography played in the historical events in Europe
  5. Compare and contrast the history of Europe between the 13th and 14th centuries
  6. Discuss the process and events that led to the unification of Italy
  7. Explain how politics played a role in the spread of Christianity
  8. Discuss 1984 with respect to 20th century history of Europe
  9. Explain the roles of the women in the society in the 18th century in Europe
  10. Discuss the role that romanticism played in the political arena of Europe
  11. Discuss the tension that existed between the three major super powers in ancient Europe and how this affected the world as we know it today
  12. Explain the origin of gun ownership legislation, and cite some of the challenges that this has posed on the world today as we know it
  13. Discuss some of the major events that led to the second World War
  14. Discuss some of the reasons that have been advanced by European nations for the colonialization of Asia and Africa
  15. Discuss the nature of the misogyny that existed in the world with relation to pre-modern European witch-hunts
  16. Discuss the relationship that existed between Turkey and the European Union, and how this has affected the position that Turkey has today
  17. Discuss the imperialism of Europe in Africa, and how this still manifests in the world today
  18. Explain the impact that the Petrine reforms have had in Russia

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