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Writing a research paper on Finance is important. Finance papers are always concerned with fiscal matters. This is why it is imperative that proper research is carried before any Finance paper is deemed to be successful. There are many expectations, scopes and ideas surrounding Finance research papers. The most important reasons why people get engaged in Finance is usually to increase their knowledge, solve some financial problem and in most cases to fulfill an academic requirement.

It is not always easy to choose a topic for a research paper on Finance. The first things to consider are your reasons for going in the research. Once you have that sorted out, it is proper that you go ahead and read all you can about the topic of your financial research paper. Bearing in mind that the world of commerce is a very large one, it might require that you do very extensive research. The most important places to start looking for topics are the text books and financial journals. These are the excellent sources of information. A visit to your school library will pay off eventually. Class notes are also important sources of interesting topics for your Finance research paper. The most interesting thing about class notes is that you are very conversant with them. You stand in a better position to know which topics interest you and which ones don't.

When you look at your class notes, what you are mostly looking for are those topics that directly speak to you. It may be that you hope to specialize in a particular area of Finance. Another place to look for interesting topics is the internet; the internet is a huge database of information. It is easy to get confused and become misled into taking information from un-reputable websites. The best online research sources are usually .gov and .edu sites. Other websites may carry useful information but you need to be web savvy and well grounded in Finance to be able to discern between thrash sites and valuable sites.

Useful tips to choosing a topic for a research paper on finance

It is important that you decide before hand the field of Finance you are looking to do research on. It is usually better to restrict yourself to your academic syllabus. The reason is that it can be readily accepted by your tutor and you don't need to go to great lengths before it is approved. It is important that you know what your expected outcomes are going to be. By this, you should decide what you hope to accomplish with your research paper. Be sure to check that you can easily lay hands on materials that will make it easy for you to do your research. It is no use choosing a topic that you cannot easily research and that has no academic sources that you can freely quote in your reference.

If for example you are looking to write a research paper on personal finance, it is proper that you select topics that are related to personal financial planning. Do your research to find if all vital aspects of this topic have been adequately covered by previous research. If you find that you are the first person to venture into this area, it may not be a good idea to continue unless you are looking to complete your doctoral degree. Another quick example of a financial research paper is the credit system. If you decide to toe this line, make sure that the topic of credits available in the financial market is adequately covered. State how the credit card system affects customers. Below are a few examples of financial research topics that may interest you.

  1. The importance of Finance research.
  2. What is the Role of the Finance Minister?
  3. International Finance.
  4. Corporate Finance.
  5. Personal Finance.
  6. Cultural studies f Finance.
  7. Economics and Finance.
  8. Security Markets.
  9. Financial Services.
  10. Savings and Credit.
  11. Financial Systems.
  12. E-capital.

Selecting a topic may be burdensome due to the complexity of the topic involved. If you find yourself in this quagmire, the best thing to do is to research. Remember you are choosing a topic that requires you to research. Give in to it and do a proper research. Stated below are some financial research topics and brief explanation of what might be included in the research paper.

Politics and Finance

This topic is an interesting one that seeks to analyze the size and scope of financial lobby as well as its impact on the political structure of a state. A good example of the inter relationship of Politics and Finance is the case of Goldman Sachs. For decades, this financial company had a strong hold on the American financial process. Most notable impact of this company that easily comes to mind is the economic bailouts administered by the U.S, China and European Union.

Finance and Economics

Finance and economic recessions has always had a close relationship that dates back to the Great Depression in the 1930's. The recent 21st century recession is comparable to the Great Depression and both events have great economic impacts on nations of the world. These two events resulted from malfunctions in the financial industry. The efficiency of a state depends on its financial strength. This is a topic worth looking into.

Finance and Society

It is a known fact that the logic of finance has transformed the Western and global society for decades. This topic is worth research from a cultural standpoint. In a financial world, every decision is about taking intelligent risks in the pursuit of personal profit. A great research paper could research finance from that angle.

The basic thing to remember whilst looking for interesting research paper topics is to tackle them from angles that make the most sense and will be easy for the casual reader to understand.

BUSN 2300 Research Paper Personal finance is the study of actions and practices required for one to obtain financial satisfaction. The process includes planning, budgeting, saving, and investing, among many other things. The study of personal finance is extremely important regardless of your age, major, or current financial position. It’s a topic everyone should learn early on to benefit both their present and future lives. There are three decision areas that personal finance activities revolve around: spending, saving, and sharing. These decisions will have long-term effects on one’s finances and future stability. Various personal finance topics that I felt related the most to my Daily Spending Diary are the financial planning process, career planning, health insurance, car insurance, taxes, retirement, credit, student loans, banking, and investments. The Financial Planning Process is the heart of personal finance. The process follows six steps: (1) determine current financial situation; (2) develop your financial goals; (3) identify alternative courses of action; (4) evaluate alternatives; (5) create and implement your financial action plan; (6) review and revise the financial plan. Determining your current financial situation is an imperative step. It can be done by listing your current assets and debts as well as your general spending on items. Many people create personal financial statements to create a visual of where they stand. Developing financial goals is also important. Without a specific goal in mind, it may be more difficult to understand where you’d like to be financially. Examples of financial goals range from saving to purchase a car or home to developing an investment plan to ensure future financial security. As you complete the rest of the steps, especially evaluating alternatives, risks have to be considered. Personal risk isn’t the only thing to worry about, there’s also

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