Behaviour Driven Development Case Study


Acceptance test-driven development (ATDD), behavior-driven development (BDD), and Cucumber promise many benefits related to your user story acceptance tests. They promise tighter collaboration between the product owner and the team. They promise the ability for the product owner and other stakeholders to write their own executable acceptance tests. They even promise an increase in the value produced by the efforts of your team as they focus on building the “right” products. But promises are not always tied to reality. Join experienced agile coach Mary Thorn as she explores three case studies of implementing ATDD  and BDD with Cucumber in real world environments. Mary explores each study in detail, showing how she introduced ATDD/BDD tooling and practices, how far she was able to advance toward the promises of ATDD, her implementation strategies, and how she overcame resistance. If you're struggling with or hoping to introduce ATDD/BDD, this session will help you develop your own strategies and prepare you for the challenges.

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