Long Residence Cover Letter

Dear Mr Hasan,

Thank you for your email correspondence of 7 June.  I am sorry for the
delay in replying to your email.

1.    If the appeal deemed that removal from the UK was unlawful and the
applicant returned to the UK in a timely manner following the appeal, an
application can be submitted by the post for ILR to be considered. Please
be aware that all the other conditions must be met.  Also all documents
including evidence from the court, along with a covering letter explaining
must be sent.

           Please be advised that we are not able to give any guarantees
on the outcome of such an application.

      2.  The earliest an application for ILR Long residency can be
submitted is 28 days before completing the 10 years.

      3.  One would be required to send their biometric residence permit
as part of the requirement, with the Long Residency application.    

I hope this is helpful. 

Yours sincerely,

Bella Fontaine

Customer Service Operations

UK Visas and Immigration

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