Focus On Causes Essay Topics

"As the recent studies show, the impact of the great amounts of school homework on the mental health of young students is obvious."

A researcher who would like to stress the negative impact of overloaded schedule on the health of an average student has a chance to succeed if he develops the research paper based on the discussed cause and effect essay topics in the society. We will reveal the top recommended cause and effect topics in this article and provide some valuable tips on writing this type of assignment.


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Cause and Effect Topics: What Does This Type of Essay Stand for?

Before covering the top ideas for the cause and effect topics, it is critical to define the meaning of this essay. It is a high school/college/university academic assignment. Things are interrelated in this world, and this type of paper shows how one event may lead to the effects of other events, expected or unexpected. Have you heard of “the butterfly effect?” Watch a movie of the same title to catch the main idea of this phenomenon. That is what a student may discuss. It is one of the possible cause and effect essay topics. The length of cause & effect essay can be something like 500-1000 words (2-3 pages). The size of the final cause/effect draft depends on the amount of causes and effects a writer decides to describe (body paragraphs). A reason/effect essay outline is different from other essays.

Cause and Effects Essay Topics: Paper’s Outline

Despite the chosen cause and effect essay topics, start with a powerful, attention-grabbing introduction.

Professional Approach to Writing Introduction

The opening paragraph must begin with the hooking sentence to make the work stand out from the pool of similar essays and make the reader wonder about the content. What is a hook? It could be anything: from a famous quote to interesting statistics. It depends on how well the student searches the related sources to pick the most inspiring quotation for the opening sentence. In most cases, an interesting, shocking fact works the best. Look at the way popular bloggers/journalists attract an audience with the help of effective hooks. The difference is it is critical to use 100% accurate fact proved by the supporting evidence while working on the academic piece. “Did you know that violence in the family leads to more than 40% of runaways in the United States?” This statistic could introduce one of the good cause and effect topics related to the teen problems. After that, provide a brief background on the problem. Explain what family violence is, and why the increasing amount of runaways matters for the country. The final stage is to write a thesis statement – the paper’s core claim/argument, which explains the significance of the researched problem to the target audience. “The increasing number of runaways in the United States leads to the lower employment rates and a higher level of homelessness (effects), and that is why a local government should study this problem in-depth to take the corresponding preventive measures.” This one will do.

Creating a Sound Thesis!

A thesis may depend on whether the writer focuses on causes or effects alone. In the 1st situation, it may sound, “The increasing number of runaways in the United States is the primary cause of the range of social/legal issues.” In the 2nd case, the thesis may be, “The main effects of various problems with teens are the decrease in the literacy rates among the population of the United States.”

Working on Body Paragraphs

It is critical to make a whole, logical story out of the reason/effect essay body paragraphs. Each of them starts with the particular cause/effect of some events, relevant to the selected cause & effect essay topics. That would be the main sentence. The next thing a writer should do is mention the supporting evidence. To insert specific in-text citations, it is important to conduct primary research to collect the relevant, credible, up-to-date sources. Avoid choosing sources that are older than 5 years. Modern teachers require the freshest sources.

What is more important is to include proper transition words to show the way every opening sentence of the paragraphs is related to the closing sentence of the previous paragraph. Apply transition words, phrases, or entire paragraphs. That is why an essay on any cause and effect topics may be longer than the academic papers of other types and have a different structure. Transition words belong to the group of literary terms. The English language contains something about 100 transitional words/phrases, and we offer a brief list of the most commonly used:

  • Because of
  • Due to
  • Since
  • In the end
  • If… then
  • Thus
  • However

Those are the examples of transition words. Each time a student works on another body paragraph, it is a good idea to mention the main section’s idea on the separate paper to write a conclusion faster.

Developing Memorable Conclusion

A conclusion is an abstract of the entire essay, but except for the text’s summary, it includes the final decision on the given subject, implementations, and some forecasts. Do not add any new information to the final paragraph. Avoid offering any new questions to observe because it is the end, and the writer should not leave the reader without answers or minimum hints. If you want, it is possible to finish the essay with a rhetorical question/prediction/shocking fact/humor. Do not forget to mention a thesis in a paraphrased way!

Expert tutors from the top colleges have gathered to write this article to provide each student with the answer to the following question: “What is a good cause and effect topic?” The next few sections are dedicated to the cause and effect essay topics list and methods to choose the best idea.


What is a Good Cause and Effect Topic?

Some students may argue the main criterion of a good topic selection is whether those are easy cause and effect essay topics. Read the grading rubric. After that, it is possible to highlight the primary factors of choosing an idea to discuss:

  • Relevance
  • Sound title
  • Relatedness to the subject
  • Enough research information
  • Credibility
  • Student’s awareness
  • Teacher’s appreciation

Have a look at the list of high school & college ideas. One of them could inspire your work!

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for High School

  1. Causes/effects of anorexia propaganda among teens
  2. Balanced scheduling in the educational institutions
  3. Causes and effects of air pollution
  4. Grandparents raising a child: causes & effects
  5. Being “gifted” label at school: Its results
  6. What may a poor exam preparation result in?
  7. What are the possible effects of overeating?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Major causes of insomnia
  2. Fast food restaurants impact on human health
  3. The meaning of fracking for the environment
  4. The advantages & disadvantages of acquisitions
  5. Influence of alcohol on nervous system
  6. Causes of the expanding prostitution/porn industry
  7. The pros & cons of technological progress

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. The adverse effects of assigning a lot of homework to school students
  2. Causes of owning a pet: The risks it possesses
  3. Causes of the rugby popularity in the US
  4. Which things make students drop out of college?
  5. Shorter school days and their pros & cons
  6. The impact of Pokémon Go on young generation
  7. Benefits of using spying apps on mobile phone

Historical Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. Feminism’s causes for the marriage
  2. The causes and results of the World War II
  3. The causes & results of the Civil War in the United States
  4. Things a person will face after the betrayal in different religions
  5. Mexico: Causes of growing up in poverty
  6. The causes of War in Syria for the United States
  7. Causes & effects of racism

Simple Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. Causes of the car crashes
  2. Music and human mental health
  3. Marrying at young age: causes & effects
  4. Children and Internet: causes & effects
  5. Causes and effects of earning low grades in college
  6. Drugs and human organism
  7. Causes of spending much money online

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. What are the causes of telling lies to close people?
  2. Video game addiction: what are the causes?
  3. The influence of weather on the individual’s mood
  4. The way divorce impacts kids & its causes
  5. Growing up with one parent (incomplete family)
  6. The way stressful situations influence student’s brain & causes of stress
  7. Causes of global warming

That is a detailed answer to the question, “What are some cause and effect essay ideas?” If you would like to discuss more issues like the effects of the rare insect’s bite, things that provoke tsunami, or smoking during the pregnancy – go on! Come up with original and interesting ideas. If something goes wrong in the middle of the writing process, do not hesitate to contact professional online academic writers & editors to order a custom essay on any problem!

The main goal of a cause and effect essay is to explain the main reasons or results of certain events, occurrences, and situations. There are three sub-categories that fall under this kind of essays: Cause Essays, Effect Essays, and Cause and Effect Essays.

As the name implies, Cause Essays focus primarily on closely examining why an event happened or why an occurrence exists. An Effect Essay examines the occurrences prior to a determined event, focusing primarily on what caused the situation. Combine these two together and you get a Cause and Effect Essay, which traces the start of the event and outlines what happens from there to the existing state of the situation.

Examples of the Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and Effect Essays can be used to examine different topics that fall under different fields. Here are a few suggestions that you can consider as you write one. Ensure that you carry out the necessary amount of research about the topic that you will choose in order to create and write a substantial essay that will trace the cause and highlight the effect of your chosen event or subject.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on the Field of Education

  • What are the cause and effect of the rise of technology-aided education among high school students?
  • What effect does standardized testing have on high school students’ decision to pursue tertiary education?
  • What are the causes and effects of offering advanced classes to public school students?
  • Does using technology in the classroom help student to learn complicated topics better?
  • What effect does homeschooling have on raising socially aware children?
  • What is the cause and effect of the continuous fall in the number of students who use in-school libraries?
  • Why do some schools produce better A-Level students than others?
  • What effect does an effective physical education program have on primary school students?
  • What are the main causes of the most common challenges faced by high school teachers and educators?
  • What is the effect of high parent involvement in school activities?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on the Medical Field

  • What effect does the lack of adequate medical equipment have on the mindset of practicing doctors and nurses?
  • What are the causes and effects of the rise of the country’s overweight and obese adults?
  • What are the main causes of the most common tropical diseases in Asia?
  • How does a high level of stress affect an individual’s health?
  • Does globalization have an effect on the spread of diseases in Africa?
  • What effect does the rise of Chinese medicine have on the practice of Western Medicine?
  • Why do some parents fail to get their children vaccinated?
  • What effect does the lack of a medical insurance have on an individual’s state of mind?
  • What causes cancer?
  • Does abortion have an effect on a woman’s reproductive and mental health?
  • What are the main causes and effect of the rise of contraceptive use among late teens?
  • What are the main causes and effect of chronic allergic reactions?
  • Why is there a need for more stringent cancer and HIV research?
  • What causes the most common cardiovascular diseases?
  • What effect does a misdiagnosis have on an individual’s mindset?
  • Why do people ask for a second medical opinion after being diagnosed with a chronic illness?
  • What is the effect of stress on medical workers?
  • Why do Asian medical providers choose to migrate and practice in other countries?
  • What are the main effects of regular exercise among patients who suffer from arthritis?
  • What are the social effects of having braces?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Key Social Issues

  • Why is a big percentage of the American population living in poverty?
  • What are the causes and effects of bankruptcy?
  • What effects does growing up in poverty have on adults?
  • What are the causes and effects of the rise of international adoption in Western countries?
  • Does growing up with food insecurity have an adverse effect in producing functional adults?
  • What happens to the country when the majority of the baby boomers reach the age for retirement?
  • Why do men still out-earn women despite fairer gender rules in offices and organizations?
  • Why do immigrants have a harder time in securing jobs than natural-born citizens?
  • Does the presence of non-profit organizations have any measurable effect on the country’s social problems?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Personal and Social Relationships

  • What primary and measurable effects does divorce have on minors?
  • What are the main causes of breakups between couples in long distance relationships?
  • Does divorce of parents have an effect on the marriage and dating view of their children?
  • What are the causes and effects of men’s commitment phobia?
  • Does living together before marriage have an effect on the couple’s married life?
  • What effect does the feminist movement have on teenage girl’ss view about dating and marriage?
  • Why do some people have the cycle of getting involved in abusive relationships?
  • What effect does being involved in abusive relationships have on the family of the victim?
  • Does a history of abortion have an effect on a woman’s s future relationship and marriage?
  • Why do children in marginal areas rebel from their parents?

Place an order and we will analyze it and recommend a writer with a suitable background and experience. This will result in a paper that is properly written and well structured, is fully original and fully matches your requirements. You will then be able to use this paper as a sample and will be able to analyze it in order to work on all your subsequent cause and effect papers. Contact us today to get you custom paper on any of the cause and effect topics!

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