Sample Of Cover Letter For Clerical Position

Cover letters are often considered less important than resumes, but that is far from reality. A well-executed cover letter has the ability to showcase your talent, experience, and ideas, and is often the first communication a potential employer reads. For this reason, it is vital to create a stand-out document. One way to do this is to consult a free clerical assistant cover letter sample like the one found below, along with the accompanying tips.

Free Clerical Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Mr. Smith,

Having the proper support staff today is a vital condition to allowing businesses to thrive. Competent, independent, and properly trained clerical assistants can make all the difference between a business’ successes and failures. I am confident that my skills and abilities in these areas make me a prime candidate to become a part of your team.

In reviewing your job posting, I can confidently say that I meet or exceed every qualification. I have over 12 years of experience in clerical assistant positions, each of which has greatly contributed to my skill set and knowledge. I have worked with computers extensively while performing the daily tasks necessary to organize and operate offices. I have also gained valuable experience in maintaining files in accordance with state and federal regulations.

I understand that a clerical position is an integral part of a team, and always do all I can to help ensure my teams meet their goals. As a clerical assistant, I feel it is my duty to remain positive and supportive of administrators to give them the best opportunity to perform their tasks.

My education and work experience make me the ideal candidate for this position. Thank you for your time and attention while you consider me. I look forward to further discussing my qualifications with you in an interview.

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What to Include in a Clerical Assistant Cover Letter

As shown in our free clerical assistant cover letter sample, there are some best practices to keep in mind when crafting your cover letter. This includes taking the time to really consider what you will write. Think of how to summarize what you are looking for in an employer as well as what you can bring to the table in just 30 seconds, and make that your introduction. Also be sure to set the correct tone. Office environments are often formal, so it is important to include professional, warm, and respectful wording in your cover letter.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

While it is important to ensure that your cover letter highlights your abilities and is tailored to address your fit with a particular job, there are always industry-specific skills that you can include, as in this free clerical assistant cover letter sample. Consider the following:

• Computer proficiency: The majority of a clerical assistant’s job now takes place using various computer programs.
• Communication skills: Being able to communicate well with bosses and clients is essential to performing well.
• Organization: Strong organizational skills are required for record-keeping and ensuring all tasks are completed in a timely manner.
• Punctuality: Assistants must be on time to ensure those they are supporting aren’t delayed in their own responsibilities.

Many people don’t realize that the cover letter may be the most important element of your job application. This is the first thing that hiring managers read, and if it’s poorly written, they may not read any further. That’s why it’s important to use your cover letter to wow recruiters by going beyond the information in your resume and highlighting your skills, work experience, and accomplishments in a way that specifically relates to the job posting. A cover letter similar to the free clerical cover letter sample below, which follows the tips mentioned later, will help you hit your mark.

Free Clerical Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Ms. Johnson,

When I came across your posting for an administrative assistant, I immediately knew that I would be a good match. My education and experience combine to give me the right combination of skills to be a valuable member of your clerical team.

One of the most important skills an administrative assistant can have is the ability to multi-task. In your job posting, you mentioned the need to be able to keep many balls in the air at once. I have spent the last three years working for a busy boutique marketing firm, responsible for answering calls and emails, scheduling meetings, planning conferences, providing research assistance and processing incoming invoices. All this was done simultaneously while leaving myself free for any last minute tasks needed to ensure the smooth running of the business.

Additionally, in this position I was part of a larger marketing team, kind of like the grease that keeps the wheel turning. That is why I was especially interested in working in a team environment again and jumped at the chance to join Magic Star. I thrive in an atmosphere where all members are working to achieve a common goal.

I am available to begin immediately, and I welcome the chance to discuss this position further with you. I invite you to find out more about me and what I can offer in my attached resume, and thank you for your time and consideration.

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What to Include in a Clerical Cover Letter

A clerical cover letter should be short and to the point, like the free clerical cover letter sample above. It should never be longer than one page, and it should begin with a solid introduction, followed by two paragraphs giving specific examples of skills and achievements, and then a conclusion that thanks the reader and leaves the door open for an interview. Avoid using clichés, and try to incorporate key words used in the job posting.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free clerical cover letter sample demonstrates how to include industry-specific skills in your resume in an engaging way. Here are some skills you might include in your own cover letter.

• Ability to multi-task: Clerical workers are often in charge of an array of tasks, so successful multi-tasking skills are essential.
• Communication: You will more than likely be in charge of answering phone and email inquiries in a friendly and professional manner.
• Invoicing: You are not expected to have advanced accounting skills; however, you should have a basic knowledge of invoicing procedures and software such as QuickBooks.
• Flexibility: You may be asked to do any number of tasks, so it is important that you are flexible and make yourself available to help in any way needed.

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